On Starbucks and Hamburgers


Inner Harbor!

Our first day was a looong day but it was fueled with the unbridled enthusiasm that only middle schoolers can have. Our first stop was at Inner Harbor in Baltimore. Students had free time to visit the museums, aquarium, take a ride on the paddle boat, or go to the impressive Barnes and Noble store with a Starbucks inside. Most chose to walk the harbor acknowledging that they could go to Starbucks at any time, but they weren’t going to miss the opportunity to get in the harbor.


Students who know no fear


Chaperone moms, Vilma and Marta

A long drive ensued to Fredericksburg, and by the time we arrived at our dinner locale, the students were starving, Joseph, in particular. But the kids were glad to be able to call their parents and fill them in on their arrival.


Another long drive was next to Williamsburg where students checked in and had phones confiscated for mandatory bedtime. No late night pillow fights with a 6:00 am wake-up call…and night chaperones manning the hallways!


Tomorrow, glassblowing in Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg, and 100 degree weather. Signing off!



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