Off to the Airport


Students did not sleep last night, and why would they? Our bus boarding time was 3:45 a.m.!  Major disasters were averted with only three students of 42 showing up late. The other 30 are to take a later flight. But where were the three students?

  1. One decided to take a last minute shower
  2. One woke up late
  3. One we woke up with mu

    ltiple calls to her home

All bags were on the bus along with their owners by 4:10 and children said farewell to their parents. For some, it is their very first trip away from home.


We were a formidable group at the check-in counter with our line snaking out the front doors. The ticket agent was impressed that only one bag was being checked. “They took a packing class, they travel light,” I responded.

Making it through security was moderately difficult. Michelle said “everybody is going around you because they know what they’re doing. There’s so much you have to know!”

And this trip will be their first lesson.

Once students made it past security, they breathed a sigh of relief and went in search of breakfast. Starbucks was a favorite, but Mickey-D’s reigned supreme. Time flew by and it was time to board.



After everyone was seated, you could sense their anticipation by their nervous chatter. Gasps were heard when the plane started moving. From 10 rows up I kept hearing the word “scared.” I knew they would scream when the plane took off.

“OH SHIT!” is what I heard loudest as the plane took flight. Facepalm.

We will have a conversation about that in Williamsburg.


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