Trying to Keep the Dream Alive in South Central

Students counting profits

Students counting profits

Many of you have kept up with our endeavor to send 100 students to Washington DC next month. It has been an incredibly fulfilling yet challenging process.  This is our update.

As of last week, our students were supposed to be 50% paid up for their accounts to remain open, of the $1900 cost of the trip. Few students were at this threshold, for various reasons:

  • lower than expected fundraiser numbers
  • lack of an audience to which to sell items to
  • general inexperience in the ins and outs of fundraising

The company required a credit card in order to extend our payments.  We scrambled last week to get the students paid up to 50% with me putting down my credit card (and accepting cash) from those families who were unable to buy a pre-paid credit card for the transaction. I met with almost all of the 80 students who still remain on our trip roster and let’s just say emotions were on overdrive this week by all involved.

The fundraising amounts did not meet the goals we set due to uneven fundraising among students, most with valid reasons that include living in a community where buying a $15 cheesecake is a luxury or buying a $10 Hometown Buffet gift card will only occur when the cards are at hand (not by ordering and waiting three weeks for their arrival.)

Donations have been strong thanks to folks like you, and so it was with a somber spirit that I disbursed our collected amounts to students in proportion to their participation.  Some students got their balance paid for, but the vast majority owe between $300 and $800 each.

I am asking that if you have not yet made a donation to our historic trip to Washington, you consider making one now.  Even if it is only $20, it will help tremendously. Larger amounts, of course, would be divine!

You can do make a donation two ways.

  1. Tax-deductible: Write a check made payable to L.A. Academy Middle School and mail to 644 E. 56th St. Los Angeles, CA, 90011 c/o Washington DC Trip
  2. Make an electronic payment with your credit card (cannot take a tax deduction this way) at

Customer Account Number:  101968883

Participant’s Last Name:  Infante

The funds will be distributed proportionally to all participants unless you specify a specific student.

Please forward to anyone who might consider supporting our trip, and keeping the students’ dreams alive.

P.S. Just to clarify, the students are still working their butts off to fund raise the remaining amount…

-Martha Infante, Program Leader


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