New School Year Begins With a Goal In Mind

Students at L.A. Academy Middle school began their year as 8th graders and a firm commitment to what will promise to be the highlight of their middle school careers: a trip to Washington D.C.

No other middle school in South Los Angeles has ever attempted to take as many students on such an educational trip. With 100 students working relentlessly to raise the money for this trip (cost per student is $1900), there is a lot of work we must do.

Our most recent fundraiser was a Tupperware raffle. The winner was announced on Halloween, and I’m sure they are thrilled to receive the $200 prize of Tupperware products. Below is the video of the raffle.

Are you interested in helping any students in the video achieve their dream? Simply write a check in any amount to Los Angeles Academy Middle School c/o Martha Infante and mail it to 644 E. 56th St. Los Angeles, CA 90011

Any amount would be greatly appreciated!

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