Summer Hustling

Gift of Education letters!

snacks, anyone?

Our 100 South Central Scholars are busy at work during summer vacation hustling to get together their monthly payments for the April 2012 Washington D.C. trip.












Delicious See's Candy... would you like a box or two?










Teachers are volunteering vacation time to gather funds, issue raffle tickets, and help parents fill out money orders and scholarship forms.












Are you interested in learning more about the scholars making this historic trip? Stay tuned for student videos coming soon.

Who's Going to Win the Flat Screen TV?

One thought on “Summer Hustling

  1. “Freedom is the second between someone forcing you to do something or choosing on your own accord, to act.” Each and everyone involved in this journey, young and old, know it will be an experience of a lifetime. Your dedication and hard work WILL PAY OFF.
    D.C.Dreaming will be a reality in April 2012.

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